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About us

Plastic is one of the fastest growing pollutants in the whole world right now. No Plastic Maldives is an NGO based in the Maldives, working towards educating, advocating, and raising awareness of plastic pollution and single-use plastic. Despite the natural beauty of Maldives, this country faces a new scourge of plastic little which is dangerous for our beautiful sea life as well as our food cycle.

Some of the main aims of the NGO are spreading awareness by doing research and in-depth analysis of the amount of plastic waste entering the natural environment. We also plan to work with policymakers to design and deliver solutions to the policy levels for a plastic-free future for the Maldives.

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Our Goals

Through alliances, we strive toward eliminating single-use plastics. And while undertaking community-based activities to increase awareness about the effects of plastic waste, advocate alternatives to plastics. Additionally, contribute to national and international plastic policy initiatives.


  • Advocate for eliminating single-use plastics

  • Strengthen the fight against plastic pollutants


Make the Maldives single-use plastic-free island nation through advocacy and action and creating positive attitudes towards environmental actions. 






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